Tip To Pass CA Final Exam

Dec 18, 2015 Hemant Jain Leave a comment


An important tip to pass ca final exam after preparation for the CA Final Exam and before appearing for the actual CA Final Exams in May / November, students should take Mock Test Papers in-between to strengthen their preparation, plus they should take up Mock Tests which will give them feedback on their answering pattern through a evaluation process. Generally, students spend more time on planning how the studies can start and keep counting the number of days left for the exams. This is the thing where they lack. Students should try to devote time to all the subjects daily no matter it is less or more. The daily studies always help. With the daily study schedule the regular revision must not be forget. Students should spend more time on executing the plan in spite of making the plan. While studying try to make notes, flow charts and add examples. These things help you in the last days of your exams as you would not get the time to go through the whole book. Always keep a balance between the practical and theory books. Studying theory or solving practical for long time may make you bore. Studying one good book completely is better that referring to different books as suggested by your friends because different books have different answering patterns and will make you confuse in your exams. While preparing for the practical questions mark sum selective questions which has most of the topics of the respective chapter  as it will help you near your exams. Concentrate more on the concepts. Recent amendments and case laws are also very important. Do not panic and just flow with your studies it will ease your preparations.

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