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Press Releases

To be a Leader you need to be a SMART ACCOUNTANT and not just an Accountant!

February 2009

Changing needs and requirement of the accounting profession not only keeps the accounting regulatory bodies on their toes to reflect the changes and enhanced requirements in their curriculum within time. The students of the accounting profession ie. Students of CA exams – CS exams – CWA exams and other accounting discipline examinations also feel the heat as they are also then expected to not only adhere to the changed student curriculum but as budding accountants and finance professionals they are also required to keep themselves updated with the recent happenings in the accounting world.

The need of the hour is not to be just an ACCOUNTANT but to be SMART Accountants! The accounting profession in India is facing a complete turnaround with the main thrust being laid down in bringing in more transparency and being universally acceptable.

Learning itself is witnessing and will be further demanding a different approach to it which again would be expected out of all (prospective chartered accountants, cost accountants, company secretaries etc) who wish to lead in the league which currently is undergoing a major turnaround.

No one can develop smarter in a day or two. The need for it is to be felt right from the stage when the tomorrow’s accounting professionals (from governing bodies like ICAI, ICSI, ICWAI etc) are students of the professional courses being offered by these respective institutes.

To be smart you need to think smart, act smarter and believe yourself to be smartest! Changes can also not be implemented to its best in a sort span of time.

As a student of any discipline be it commerce graduates, degree holders etc. we have been largely being following the trends that have been going on from a decade. Most of us have been looking at the professional examinations as mere EXAMINATIONS! This seems to be the biggest mistake that most of us have been doing right from beginning. We need to understand that clearing these professional examinations by merely reading books, going for coaching classes in the reputed coaching centers in big cities like Delhi (New Delhi), Mumbai (Bombay), Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata (Calcutta) etc might not just be sufficient. All thee might help you also clear your examinations but the big Question lies in whether – This would help you come out as a SMARTER accountant?

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