How to Crack CA Final Exam

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How to Crack CA Final Exam

A Tough Question to answer even by professionals who have cleared CA Final Exams.


There is no short-cut, the only key is “HARD WORK” with some “GOOD LUCK”

If memorizing everything from the books was the only way to ace in examinations, nobody would clear CA Final exams. Because, memorizing books is not the way to understand subjects well. It is easy to know how to crack CA final exam by following a few techniques. One of the best ways to clearing this exam is by taking mock tests.


CA Final Revision Test Papers
CA Final Question Papers

CA Final Revision Test Papers

It helps in practicing subjects, understanding weak subjects and areas of opportunities. To know how to crack CA final exam successfully, revisions play an important role as well. During revisions, take notes and then going through the notes and not the topic again. This saves time and increases efficiency.

HOW TO REVISE EFFECTIVELY- Make notes, solve and practice mock model sample test papers. Interact with fellow candidates, take help of seniors. All these will help in clearing the CA Final Exams.

CA Final Question Papers

Know how to crack CA final exam effectively by identifying gaps in knowledge. Take crash courses to discuss with faculties on doubtful areas and master them. To get to know how to crack CA final exam is easy but implementing it is difficult. Hence practice it well with determination. Take up mock test papers. Practice sample papers. Go through suggested answers to compare your answers, to understand the pattern of answers in which the CA institute expects its students to answer the given questions. Try solving at least one model paper on a daily basis, during the revision phase of preparation.

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