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CS executive is the intermediate level of the Company Secretaries course. The students after passing the CS Foundation exams may register for this level. However, if the candidate has completed graduation/CA/CWA may directly register for the executive level. The exams for the CS Executive course are held in the months of June and December for CS Executive Subjects. The important thing about the CS exams is that a student can also complete his/her graduation or post graduation with this course. The syllabus is not very tough and may be easily completed with the syllabus of graduation and post graduation. At CS Executive there are total six papers in two modules of 100 marks each. Under first module, the papers of general and Commercial Laws, Company Accounts and Cost and Management Accounting and Tax Laws are taken. Under second module, the papers of Company Law, Economic and Labour Laws and Securities Laws and Compliances are taken. The papers are more related to the laws & sections related to the companies. The study material is provided by the institute at the time of registration. And it is very important for the students to prepare with the study material provided by the institute. As the papers of CS Executive are not very tough and are straight according to the syllabus.
CS Executive Exams
The CS Executive exams are the intermediate exams for the CS course. The exams are conducted by ICSI twice a year in the months of June and December respectively. The registration is also done by the institute. The prospectus can be collected from any of the branch of ICSI or may be ordered by post. For the postal delivery fifty rupees are charged extra. The payment can be made to the head quarters of ICSI, New Delhi or in cash at the regional offices. For the registration the students are required to provide the details regarding the educational qualification, age etc. The students are also required to send fees along with the application form. For the age proof the students may send the photocopy of 10th standard mark sheet. All the details regarding the registration, fees syllabus are provided in the prospectus issued by the institute. The details are also provided on the official website of ICSI. Moreover, the help desk numbers are provided by the institute on its website and prospectus which is especially for the students and provide the latest information on the registration. The students who are graduate / CA/ CWA are exempted to appear in the CS Foundation. The fee for the CS Executive programme is different for the commerce and non-commerce students. The non-commerce students have to pay some extra charges for the registration. Students should always follow the guidelines issued by the institute with regard to the registration.
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The CS Executive exam form is the form which let the student complete its registration with the institute. The exam forms are available at the branches of the CS institute all over India. TheOnline exam forms are also available on the website of ICSI and the students can easily register through it. The exam forms are to be filled by the students in due date otherwise, late fees has to be deposited. At the time of submitting the exam form the student of CS Executive is also required to send a photocopy of the ID card and a DD. If the CS Executive student completes the training than a copy of the same is also need to be attached. However, CS Foundation students have to attach a photo copy of mark sheet with the exam form. All the detail regarding the registration is updated on the website of ICSI time to time. The registration is open throughout the year. The candidates who register up to the month of March can take the CS Foundation exams in December of the same year and other candidates who register after march and up to September can take the exams in the month of June next year. Also the candidates who look to appear for the CS executive both modules are required to register up to the month of February for the December attempt and those who register up to the month of August can take the June attempt of next year. Moreover, the candidates who want to appear for the single module are required to register up to the month of May for the December attempt of that year and the candidates who register up to the month of November are eligible to appear in the month of June of the next year. These registrations for the CS Executive are also subject to the completion of coaching, computer training and other requirements according to the guidelines issued by the ICSI.
The exam dates for the CS Executive course are declared by the ICSI. The exams are conducted in the month of June and December every year. Once the dates are fixed by the institute they are not changed except under extraordinary circumstances. For the CS Executive papers the student has to be eligible for taking the exams. The first important condition is the date of the registration and the second condition is to get the coaching completion certificate (CC). Students should not wait till the last date to come but they should complete these formalities in time so that there may not be any hindrances at the time of appearing in the exams. ICSI issues guidelines time to time to update the students regarding the scheme of the registration. The complete details are also given in the prospectus. Therefore, students should read the prospectus carefully before registration. If the candidate gets late to register than late fees is also to be submitted. The coaching completion certificate (CC) has no expiry period but the registration is valid for 5 years of period. The students are required to clear the groups during the validity period of the registration certificate. If the registration of the student is cancelled because of the expiry period the student is not allowed to appear for the exams and is required to revalidate the registration by de novo registration.
The exam of CS Executive is not very tough. The syllabus of CS Executive can be covered easily. The study material is provided by the institute to the students and the study material is quite important. Most of the syllabus may be easily covered with the study material. But as it is a professional programme so just covering the syllabus should not be the focus. For getting success students should prepare with the help of the scanners. Self study is very important for the CS Executive students. Therefore, while preparing for the syllabus students should try to make their own notes.
Eduex provides Mock Tests for CS Executive Programme and CS Professional Exam through which clearing the exmas become easier for the students.
The exams of CS Executive are not very typical and most of the questions are asked directly. Students should also try to solve the last years’ question papers. There are total six papers in CS Executive. While preparing for the General and Commercial law students should try to cover the syllabus with the study material provided by the institute. Further scanners are also considered as the other source for practicing for this paper. The paper of Company accounts and Cost & management accounting has both the practical and theory questions. The theory can be well prepared with the study material and scanners can be helpful for revising the practical questions. For the paper of Tax laws other reference books in addition to the study material and all the recent amendments should also be considered. The paper of company law is very important for the students as it is one of the main paper of the course. For this paper the concepts should be clear. All the sections and cases should be on your figure tips as it may get you more marks. But never try to cram the syllabus. Detailed preparations are required for the paper of Economic and labor laws. And for last but not the least subject Securities laws and compliance management is a technical subject so it should be prepared with the help of good reference books.

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