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The CS Executive Mock Tests are very important especially for the preparation of a professional programme. The popularity of the mock tests is now increasing with the time among students. Students now consider it an essential part of the preparations.

EDUEX provides mock tests on every level of the CS course. The mock tests do not help to learn but they help the students in evaluating their level of preparations. However, in mock tests it is not sure that they are based on the real exam. But they are made to check the preparations. While preparing with the mock tests make sure that they are made according to the new syllabus. Mock tests are of two types solved and unsolved. If you are preparing for the first time and have not take any tests yet than start with the solved mock tests. The solved mock tests generally have suggested answers with it. The answers can be later on used to check the pattern that how you answered the paper and how better you could answer. The solved mock tests are a kind of self-evaluating mock tests. The solved mock tests are made for the revision point of view. The solved mock tests should be solved if you have more time for the final exams. After revising with the solved mock tests the unsolved mock tests should be solved. The unsolved mock tests are strictly made according to the real exam pattern. The unsolved mock test facilitates students to evaluate their papers by the faculties. With these mock test series students get feedback and tips on how they can make their paper better.



CS Executive Programme is for the students of CS Course. It is the second and an important level in the course. For taking exams of this level it is necessary for the student to either be a graduate or pass the CS Foundation level. For appearing in CS Executive, student is required to register at the ICSI. After passing the CS Executive programme, students are required to take a 15 months practical training. The exams are conducted twice a year in the month of June and December usually in the first week. ICSI declares the examination centers all across India in various cities for the convenience of the students.

To appear in the exams of CS Executive Course, the student is required to register a few months before the forthcoming CS Exams. The information regarding the registration and exam dates are declared by the ICSI. There are total six papers in CS Executive which are divided in two modules. A student can appear in both modules  or any of the one module at one time. It is necessary to get a minimum of forty percent marks in each subject and an aggregate of 50% in the full module. The pattern of CS Executive exams is of subjective type.

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