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CA Question Paper Nov 2016

May 18, 2016 Hemant Jain Leave a comment

CA Question Paper Nov 2016

CA Final and CA IPCC exams are around the corner and preparations are warming up. Reading the subjects and learning the content is a very important part of preparing. However, learning is not complete in only getting bookish knowledge but much more. There are many advantages of taking mock tests with CA question paper Nov 2016.

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CA All Question Papers

Speaking from a psychological point of view, taking mock tests with CA question paper Nov 2016 helps retrieval and retention. The chances of retrieving the mock tests’ contents are higher and the duration is longer. Taking mock tests with CA question paper Nov 2016 helps in meta cognitive monitoring. This simply means that it improves confidence by self-assessing.

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Frequent mock tests with CA question paper Nov 2016 help in preparations that are more efficient. While studying with books have their place, mock tests complete the learning process. This teaches students time management and help them write exams efficiently. When a student thinks of starting his revision, he should allocate time everyday to solve at least one mock model or sample test paper.

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