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Information technology and Strategic management

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CA Online Video Lectures Coaching Information Technology and Strategic Management IPCC

Introduction to computers, Storage

Faculty In ITSM:
Length: 164.28 mins

File management system, Database and Database Management system, SQL

Faculty In ITSM:
Length: 122.3 mins

Data warehouse, Data Mart, Meta data, Data centre, Data Mining, Input/Output devices, System software, Computer networks and network security.

Faculty In ITSM:
Length: 103.22 mins

Business Environment, Objectives of Business, Marketing Mix, Strategic Business Units, Product Life cycle, Porters five forces

Faculty In ITSM:
Length: 102.34 mins

Porters five orces model (Contd.), Strategy, Generic strategic alternatives, vision ,Mission, Objectives and goals, BCG matrix

Faculty In ITSM::
Length: 103.01 mins

SWOT analysis, TOWS matrix, Diversification strategy, Retrenchment strategy, Turnaround strategy, Liquidation strategy, Strategy formulation V. Strategy Implementation, Value chain analysis, core competencies, Competetive advantage

Faculty In ITSM:
Length: 106.54 mins

Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Total Quality Management (TQM), Benchmarking, Six sigma, E – Commerce, Internet and other technologies

Faculty In ITSM:
Length: 125.03 mins

IP address, DNS, Proxy server, WWW, Tools available to protect information in network against intrusion/ misuse, Encryption, E-Commerce

Faculty In ITSM:
Length: 122.06 mins

EDI, CRM, Tele conferencing, Multimedia, Algorithm, Flow charts

Faculty In ITSM:
Length: 116.16 mins

OSI model, Flow charts (Contd.)

Faculty In ITSM:
Length: 142.47 mins

Effectiveness and efficiency, Conclusion

Faculty In ITSM:
Length: 95.33 mins

Data Storage Hierarchy, Data Independence, Concurrecncy control, File management system, Sequential File V. Random File, File interrorgation

Faculty In ITSM:
Length: 64.22 mins


Faculty In ITSM:
Length: 43.28 mins

Total Length of Videos : 23.5 hours

Terms & Conditions :
  • Expiry : 6 months or 150 hours of viewing (whichever is earlier)
  • Applicable for May 2013 attempt
  • Videos can be viewed only in Mozilla Firefox/ Google Chrome/ Internet Explorer
  • Subject/Course Subscribed once is not transferrable
  • Videos are meant for web viewing only and cannot be downloaded
  • Course/Subject purchased once cannot be cancelled.


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