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CA Final Preparation

CA Final Examination is the biggest hurdle on the way to becoming a Chartered Accountant. It is much tougher than CPT and IPCC. One has to be disciplined and pre-planned to pass this examination. A proper game plan must be prepared for CA Final Preparation.

CA Final Paper
CA Final Students
CA Final Questions
CA Final Revision

CA Final Paper

One cannot pass the CA Final exam in 10- 20 days study. One should start studying 3 months before the examination. A daily study of 8- 10 hours is really very important. The articleship also plays a vital role. It helps in preparing for the theoretical subjects like Law and Audit. So, one should take articleship very seriously.

CA Final Students

As we all know, practice is the main component of CA Final Preparation. After thoroughly practicing the practice manual and study material, one should take up practice papers. These papers help in going through a variety of questions.

CA Final Questions

Self-made notes are helpful in CA Final Preparation. The notes give the description about the topic in a summarized form. This helps in reducing the work and saving time. During the time of revision, it is a much needed helping hand.

CA Final Revision

2-3 times revision is a must to achieve the goal. This can be done using notes and mock tests. The mock tests help in knowing the way to solve the question paper. These tests cover every topic. This makes the student develop the capability of time management.

Group Study is also a way for CA Final Preparation. Through this, one can discuss the queries and mistakes. The solutions to the queries result in a full-fledged preparation for the examination.

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