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CA Final Practice Manual

May 13, 2016 Hemant Jain Leave a comment

CA Final Practice Manual

Before appearing for CA Final exam, preparations are hectic. For students appearing again there is only three/six months to clear the exam and hence there is a lot of pressure. People use different techniques like taking mock assessments online, using CA final practice manual, subscribing for crash courses right before the exam, and many others.

CA Final Notes
CA Final Revision Test Papers
CA Final Crash Course

CA Final Notes

All of the mentioned techniques play a vital part in preparing students for the exam and each in its own way. For instance, CA final practice manual has often asked questions, last year question papers, important pointers, and others summary notes that help students get a fair idea of the structure of the exam. Moreover, CA final practice manual also boosts confidence of people by readying for the exam.

CA Final Revision Test Papers

Besides CA final practice manual, taking a crash course online or offline helps students to clarify doubts, a forum to discuss and share knowledge and help others in need and check own knowledge too. With the help of CA Final Revision Test Papers students can keep a track on their preparation as it contains all the important amendments relevant for the forthcoming exams.

CA Final Crash Course

Nowadays, with the help of online video lectures, satellite classes, etc students can quickly revise and recap their preparations at the click of mouse. This saves a lot of time, which is the key factor, when exams are nearing. Subscribing for online crash course will save a lot of time and will update the student on all the important topics.

Some sample practice papers can be downloaded here:

Click Here

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