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CA Final Exam Timetable

Making a CA Final Exam Timetable is one of the best ways to prepare for the examination. The timetable helps in doing a proper time management for every subject. Every subject is given equal time to study.

CA Final Exam Topics
CA Final Exam Targets
CA Final Exam Theory
CA Final Exam Revision

CA Final Exam Topics

Normally students remain confused about which subject is to be studied when? This leads to chaos in their minds. CA Final Exam Timetable helps in solving this. The timetable includes the subject which is to be studied. It also includes the topics which are to be completed in a day.

CA Final Exam Targets

Preparing a CA Final Exam Timetable is one thing and sticking to it is another. There is no sense in making a timetable if one doesn’t follow it. The timetable will be fruitful only if the student works according to it. A continuous study in accordance with the timetable helps in achieving the daily targets.

CA Final Exam Theory

Not only practical but also theory part is important. CA Final Exam Timetable must be prepared in such a way that it covers both the aspects. It helps in proper practice of the sums. It also helps you understand the theory by heart.

CA Final Exam Revision

Revision is essential for passing the examination. The CA Final Exam Timetable should include time for revising the topics already studied. There is no sense in just moving forward if you forget the previous topics. Continuous study for 6 to 8 hours without a break will not be advantageous enough. Proper time intervals must be there to regain energy and keep the motivation going.

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