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CA Final Exam Schedule

Aiming to pass the CA Final Examination and don’t know how to set the schedule for it? So here it is. Here are some tips and advice to set your daily CA Final Exam Schedule. Through it, you will be able to achieve your goal conveniently.

CA Final Exam Goal
CA Final Exam Studies
CA Final Exam Subjects
CA Final Exam Papers

CA Final Exam Goal

Setting up of goals is the first essential of determining the CA Final Exam Schedule. The student has to set the daily topics which he has to study. He has to stick to its decided topics and complete it anyhow. In this way, the student will be able to complete the full syllabus on time.

CA Final Exam Studies

Serious studies play a vital role. The student should start the studies from six months before the exam. Timely and serious study benefits a lot. Everyday study of six to eight hours will be much more helpful for the student. This helps in timely completion and revision of the full course.

CA Final Exam Subjects

CA Final Exam Schedule should be set in such a way that equal time is given to each subject. Practical subjects like Accounts, SFM, and Costing-I take a little more time to practice. So the schedule must be made in such a way that it covers each subject. Proper time allocation helps in studying and preparing the subject well.

CA Final Exam Papers

Practice papers and mock tests should form part of the CA Final Exam Schedule. The practice papers include previous year questions which help in practicing the subject. Mock tests help in self-evaluation and lets you understand your mistakes.

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