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CA Final CA IPCC CA CPT Course

The study of CA ( Chartered Accountancy) is not as simple as the word sounds. This is a post graduation professional Course. This is considered as the Esteemed Profession in the Society. The CA Course has three levels CA CPTCA IPCC and CA Final. With every level the complexity of the course increases. Students need to study really hard for cracking the CA exams. There is lot of competition and pressure among the students as they consider it to be very  tough. For doing CA students attend coaching classes from where they receive different type of study material etc. But some where their hard work could not reach up to that level where it is required. At this time, Mock Tests helps the students to score well by letting them understand their mistakes and giving them an opportunity to rectify their mistakes in the correct time. Mock Tests are kind of test papers which are based on subjects of the CA Course on all the necessary topics. With the help of the mock tests, students get the chance to check his preparations. The time management can also be learnt with the help of these papers. Because they are designed similarly and in the same pattern as the real exams conducted by the ICAI. Therefore, if a student takes these papers seriously than he may know about all his strengths and weaknesses on the subject and can make himself  prepare for the CA Exams accordingly.



Every student who will be appearing for the CA Final Exams in May 2015 will be expecting a positive result from CA Finals May 2015 attempt, as after passing the CA Finals they will become eligible for the membership of the ICAI. The result is very important for the students as it is related to their dream and passion.

To view the CA Final Results of May 2015 term, students can visit the official website for CA Resultswww.caresults.nic.in

CA Final students can also improve their results by practising Mock Tests and getting valuable suggestions on theeir answering pattern from the faculty.

The CA Final students are required to take a fifteen days training on General Management & Communication skills. The training is important for the students before taking the membership as it will polish their knowledge and skills for the practical life. The profession of CA is very challenging. The result of CA Final is going to be declared in the third week of the July. Students have started planning for their future. Some students seek jobs in CA Firms, public companies, private companies, banks while others plan to set up their own business. Getting success in CA Finals is very important for any CA student but they must prepare themselves for the practical life. As clearing CA Finals is not enough but to work honestly is much more important. Getting a degree is one time effort but to justify with the profession is a lifelong effort.



The result of the CA IPCC is going to be declared in the first week of the August sometime around the 8th Of August 2015. The students are getting excited as well as nervous about the result. They are getting excited because getting success in CA IPCC will give them entrance in the CA Finals.

To view the CA IPCC Results, CA IPCC appeared students can visit the website www.caresults.nic.in

CA Final is the last but not the least level of the chartered accountancy course. The students are getting nervous about the CA IPCC results as there are rumors that the result is going to be very tough on CA IPCC Students.

The CA IPCC Results can be improved to a great extent by the CA IPCC Students by practicingMock Tests for CA IPCC and getting the benefit of evaluation and feedback from faculty.

The students must keep in mind that the result is never declared hard but there are some criteria set for giving marks to the students. But there is not a standard format how to exactly answer the questions. For this the institute gives RTPs to the students which guides how to exactly attempt a question. The answers given by the students must be in a presentable way with reasoning. In the practical questions do not answer it in Yes or No format, firstly mention the necessary provisions applicable to the question and then come to the conclusion.  Underline the relevant provisions.

After giving the exams do not get worried for the result and remember that the examiners are the experienced professionals and they know better how to check the paper. Be positive with the result whatever it may be and be prepared for the next step.



The CA Exams will be held in May 2015. The students feel free after taking the exams because they were studying hard all these days long for preparing for the exams.

The CA results will be declared in a few days, by mid July for CA Final and CA CPT and by the end of first week for CA IPCC, CA PCC etc.., to view the results CA Students can visit the websitewww.caresults.nic.in

CA students have kept their fingers crossed and are waiting for the result. This time is very stressful for some students as it will reveal that how effective were their efforts.  Feeling nervous before the result is a normal experience. But taking stress for the result may not help you at all. As you have already done whatever you could have done and we cannot change what we have done. The thing which everyone must know is that we cannot change the action but we can control our reaction. Every student does the hard work in their own manner, but some get success while the other gets failure. Failure does not mean an end, it reflects that you have tried but it needs further improvements.

Improvements can be made by practicing Mock Tests for CA Final,CA IPCC, CA CPT and getting valuable feedback from the faculty on how to improve the answering pattern.

For getting rank it is necessary to appear in both the groups at the same time and to score a minimum of 55% in both groups. Only first fifty ranks are declared by the institute at a time. Therefore, do not judge your performance and so not blame others for your failure. Let ICAI examine your performance and come with a result. Because ICAI would never want its members and students to be impatient as in the professional front lots of experience, knowledge and understanding will be needed.  So, welcome the result and then decide accordingly.

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