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CA Final Audit Paper

Preparing for CA Final examination and thinking how to clear the CA Final Audit Paper? CA Final Audit Practice Paper helps you out in doing so.

CA Final Audit Theory
Standards on Auditing (SA)
CA Final Special Auditing

CA Final Audit Theory

Different from Paper 1 and 2, Paper 3 (Auditing) consists more of theory. The CA Final Audit Paper helps in scoring good marks. The Professional Ethics which carry around 16 marks can easily be prepared through these practice papers.

Standards on Auditing (SA)

The CA Final Audit Paper help the students understand where the Standards on Auditing (SAs) must be quoted. The SAs cover 20 marks. The student can get additional marks by quoting the SAs properly. This will leave a positive impression on the evaluator. The CA Final Audit Paper prepares the students for using the SAs appropriately.


The CARO, 3CD, audit, and accounts of the company are very important topics. These topics are properly considered in the CA Final Audit Practice Paper. The paper aims at covering not only the clause numbers (3CD topic) but also the paragraph numbers (CARO). The clause and paragraph numbers must be studied thoroughly to pass the auditing paper. CARO and 3CD cover 20-25 marks.

CA Final Special Auditing

Special auditing chapters are also covered in the CA Final Audit Paper. The paper gives a clear understanding to the students that which type of questions is going to be asked in the examination. If you properly study these papers, then 15 marks (relating to special auditing) will be in your pocket. Further last 10 years papers need to be solved sincerely, to understand the pattern of questions being asked by the institute from time to time. This will help in scoring high marks in the Auditing paper.

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