CA / CS / CMA Crash Courses

CA Final Crash Course

Join our Test Series to get 80% extra edge to clear the exams based on past track records!!

Also Get FREE Revision Notes On All Subjects.

Registering for the CA Final Crash Course, CA IPCC Crash Course, CS Professional Crash Course CMA Final Crash Course,
will not only ensure a better grasp on the subjects, it will make you aware of the areas that require further improvement JUST at the correct time. Moreover, the course will also expose you to REAL examination pressure that would help you gain confidence and improved temperament – two aspects ‘required the most’ in those vital three hours.


What are we offering under the Eduex Crash Course-Mock Test Series?

Our envisioned Crash Course would provide 2 sets of test papers (covering the entire syllabus) for each individual subject, specially designed and framed by our professionally qualified and competent faculty experts

[For instance, if you were a CA Finalist (Both Groups), you would be provided with 16 Question Papers (2 each for 8 subjects)] and FREE Revision Notes On All Subjects.

Note: The student will send back the answer sheets for evaluation of his/ her performance so that we can further guide you through expert feedback based on your performance.

What you gain?

  • Enhanced reproducing capabilities.
  • Confidence and Temperament required to handle the tough examination pressure.
  • An interactive platform towards Professional Guidance and feedback. Edu-ex acts as a last minute whistle blower, opening your eyes in time to real performance hindrances
  • The repeated experience, professional guidance and in-time evaluations help you in crossing over the finish line and emerge as a WINNER!!……


The test papers would cover the entire syllabus and the tests would be designed as the closest simulation of the professional examinations held by the respective Institutes of CA, CS and CWA.

Fee Structure For Crash Courses