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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Hard Work is the key to any successful venture and unlocking this secret is the beginning of a successful journey. We aim to do just that.

Our motive is not only to empower you with the handiest and most relevant knowledge, but also to enforce within each of you, the discipline to implement this knowledge. Each one of us has the potential to scale the pinnacles of glory, yet most of us fail to do so. Why?? Our motive is to answer this question.

Discipline and regularity are the pillars of our institution. Reading materials etc. are available at every corner, but a structured programme like ours is a rarity. We plan on a routine assessment of progress, so that we can work on your weaknesses and bolster the strengths. We seek to improve the perfection that each one of you already have.

We also aim to build a strong base of the subjects and inculcate the habit of regular studies

We Aim to

Nidhi Agrawal, ACA, Indore

I appreciate the efforts taken by Eduex by framing the mock test papers for CA students, else it’s difficult to regularize the studies, as CA is a correspondence course and CA Coaching sometimes might not be sufficient in today’s competition levels for getting through the exams.

I was always afraid if the CA results would be in my favour. The Mock Test Model Question Papers & professional guidance from Eduex panel Experts really helped me to get in the right confidence as was required to clear off the CA Finals.

Our Vision

We appreciate the opportunity to appear before you today and hope that we can provide some insight into the benefits of the programme offered by us to the students of Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountancy Course today as well as in future

Education today is the fuel for the New Economy. On one hand the importance of education is widening and on the other the competition level that a student faces is on the rise. Therefore it becomes much more essential for a student to have a strong foundation and be systematic in planning his/her studies to gauge the performance level and build up confidence.

Now is the time to take that next big step in your career and start focusing on regular performance tracking, the key to your success. The corner stone to every endeavor is dedicated hard work, but even more essential is to focus this hard work along the right channel.

The Test Series offered by us has been designed to initially help you to get transformed from a normal, rank hungry, guideless student to one trying to break the shackles of lowliness and achieve what others around you had never even dreamt off. The Test Series will not only give an opportunity to identify the areas where you face problems but will also help to develop the correct temperament that you must have on the EXAMINATION DAY!

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