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CPT Postal Coaching Program

Presenting all what is required to clear CPT in one go!!
Say Good bye !! to traditional classroom coaching


  • Regular Computer access no more required
  • Study from the comfort of your study table
  • Clear CPT in 1st attempt

Our program is inspired by a common saying –

“Winners don’t do different things… they do things differently!!”

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  • Course Highlights (What will you get?)
    • Subject wise, Four detailed Sets of study notes / lessons / assignments in workbook format
    • Quick Guide cum reference booklet for revision;
    • Five online mock tests on part syllabus with real time evaluation & analysis
    • Post / email your academic doubts and get it cleared from our experts.
    • Five online mock tests on full syllabus with real time evaluation & analysis
    • Bare act of various laws covered in the syllabus;
    • Five Postal mock Test on part syllabus
    • Over thousands of questions for a improved confidence level
    • Two Postal mock tests on full syllabus with evaluation & expert feedback.
    • All answers to lessons / assignments/ exercises with CD support

With over a decade of experience of our faculty team, we have come up with a unique CPT course material comprising of preparation notes / assignments / lessons in the form of workbook to guide you through the whole process of learning to clear the CPT exam.

Our workbook has enough space to enable you jot down points of reference while preparing, which you always found missing in a text book or other related study notes. This methodology is a time test proven method of learning things in easy & playful manner which has been designed by qualified experts.

This workbook/notes will be of great help both at the time of preparation and revision and will prove to be a useful kit for retaining your learning in an improved manner over other available course materials.

For Whom

Students of Class XII (Commerce)

Students of CPT

course-fees(Rupees Three Thousand and four Hundred & ninety nine only)