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How is EDUEX helping you to clear CS Foundation Exams?

CS Foundation

Mock Test Solutions with evaluation – Know your Mistakes at the correct time!

CS Foundation Course is normally selected just after 10 + 2 exams. This is the stage when a student is required to undergo degree exam also. Therefore, using Mock Test Papers for CS Foundation exam comes as an easy approach towards clearing the first hurdle of the path leading to CS. Dreaming big at an early stage of life is a reflection of clear mind and mock tests help in sharpening the mind’s focus towards the goal. Mock Tests may help the student in rehearsing for the big exam within an organized framework. Have you ever thought how you can make this dream come true, where the student gets mindboggling number of mock test papers and study materials in categorized fashion.

The CS foundation course structure is such that a student needs to clear some subject papers in one attempt. Mock test papers for each subject help the student in touching the relevant portions of the syllabus. These test papers are designed under experts’ custody and cover all the subjects in all-inclusive manner. These help students in analyzing their progress in terms of grasp on concepts and recognizing their weak spots.
Mock test papers by EDUEX are updated according to the changing pattern of exam and one can be accustomed to it before actually sitting for the exam. These are also helpful in deciding how to go about solving the paper. Students may pick up the set of questions to be answered first on the basis of the experience gained through the mock test papers.

Advanced stage of the foundation course is believed to be tougher and getting the feel of the question paper beforehand helps students attain the desired comfort level. EDUEX is quite perfect in its guess work because of which members to this site come out winners in quite large numbers. Mock tests are prepared by very experienced panel and the questions framed cover almost all the parts of the syllabus. Everybody cannot master all parts of the syllabus, thus, ability to solve those questions that can guarantee clearing the exam is important in order to save your time and pride as well.

To help students keep pace with the increasing examination competition and for better results in Company Secretary (CS) examinations Eduex has come up with the unique idea of providing MOCK TEST EXAM SOLUTIONS for the three levels of the CS Course.

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