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About Us

The gains of any institute rests on the foundation of skilled, efficient & visionary leadership team. Hence, it is imperative that the people behind the set-up such as Eduex are competent at their calling, and share the same vision as the students of commerce stream & finance professionals. Our belief in this fundamental is steadfast & hence we have tried to align the needs of the students of CA / CS / CWA with the ideals of the management. In doing so, we have come up with an enviable mix of professional experience, energy and endurance, which shall guide aspiring Chartered Accountants , Company Secretaries and Cost Accountants in their future pursuits.

Further, as all of us know, guidance & the spirit of mentorship is pivotal to any such endeavor. We have tried to capitalize on the experience, the network & the associations of Edu-Ex management; so that we can best guide anyone seeking a new opportunity, both in educational and professional walks of life. Our determination for excellence has ensured that we congregate the best possible team, and our search for this team lies in the platform created at Edu-Ex……


Hemant Jain, FCA, New Delhi
He is the visionary behind the adventure called Edu-Ex. He has taken a leaf out of his life experience and translated it forward to help budding chartered accountants of tomorrow. His single-mindedness is by itself inspiring and a day spent with him motivates all around him to excel further. His one advice to students (in general) and aspiring finance professionals (in particular), “There are no free lunches in this world”. Be prepared to work hard, and we will lead you to success…

Dipankar Rai, ACA, ACS, Mumbai
He is the energy behind Edu-Ex. Akin to the preserver in the holy trinity, he has spent unending hours, days and weeks to ensure that the seed called Edu-ex was transformed into a mighty oak, sheltering thousands and caring for those facing the storm. He has been the motivation behind Edu-ex seeing the light of day, and any aspiring Finance professional would get a real lesson in life, just watching him at work.

Sameer Khothari-FCA, Kolkata
He is the quiet voice of Edu-ex, conspicuous only in its absence. Relentless and spirited; unassuming in character yet undefeated in soul. Many of the novelties and much of practicality stem from his keen observation. For anyone seeking a complete training in innovative thinking, this could be the ideal starting point.